The Magic of Airbrush Make-up

Every bride knows how important and tricky it can be to find the right make-up artist that not only makes her look gorgeous but also makes her feel fabulous on her wedding day. Here an expert gives some insider tips on airbrush make-up for your big day.

We all have a different idea of what beauty means to us. When we look in the mirror, each of us sees something different. How we represent this view of ourselves is a true expression of individuality. Personally I feel that it is crucial that your make-up artist understands this and how to push your boundary a little further, while at the same time honouring your idea of beauty. This is what sets a good bridal make-up artist apart from a fashion make-up artist.

The second challenge is to enable the make-up to last for hours but without getting that ‘over-layered’ look. With cameras constantly improving in ‘high definition’, we end up seeing more and more detail in the actual image than we do with the naked eye.

I believe that make-up should be like a ‘mist’ that settles over the skin, creating a soft, even skin tone that lasts for hours without any touch-ups needed. This is exactly what Temtu silicone-based airbrush make-up can give you. Airbrush make-up is much finer and thinner when compared to a traditional application. The silicone-based product is applied by way of compressed air through an airbrush stylus onto the skin. This fine mist of colour covers the skin evenly, giving the appearance of a flawless complexion. Foundation colours are mixed for a perfect blend to beautifully match your skin tone and then sprayed from the décolletage to the face, seamlessly blending from the jawline to the décolletage.

Another plus is that airbrush make-up will not transfer onto clothing, which not only keeps the wedding dress clean but also the groom’s collar! Also, since silicone is water-resistant, the effects of pesky perspiration and those tears of joy are no longer something that you need
to worry about. The product contains no chalk or oil, which eliminates the problem of it mixing with the skin’s natural oils, leaving shiny spots which are seen on the photos. In short, this make-up won’t go anywhere until you are ready to wash it off!

Another big benefit of airbrush make-up is the way it looks in photos. High-definition cameras have really made make-up artists more aware of their application methods. Every line from a brush or sponge, if not blended well, can be seen in detail through an HD lens. With airbrush make-up you don’t ever have to worry about streaks or brushstrokes. The fine mist mirrors the structure of pixels in a digital image, making it flawless and requiring minimal edits.

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