The Sweet Success of Sugar Epilation

Sugaring is an ancient technique passed down through the ages from the old civilisations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece, with Cleopatra as probably its most famous fan.

Sugar Epilation hasn’t lost its popularity since those times; on the contrary, it is the favourite method in the Orient and is spreading steadily to the rest of the world. In France, it is already the number one preferred method for hair removal, and it’s
booming in many other countries like Germany and the USA.

Continuous Sugar epilation reduces hair growth each time. The hair gradually grows back thinner and finer. Re-growth depends on several factors; however, sparser regrowth already appears after the very first sugaring treatment. The average time between treatments is 4-6 weeks.

The Benefits of Sugaring:

  • Using only 100% natural ingredients, it’s technique works the paste right into the hair follicle openings to wrap around the hair deep down.
  • Removes the hair from the root, leaving the silky skin smooth.
  • Gentlest type of hair removal.
  • The level of discomfort is by far less than other hair removal methods.
  • Therefore ideal for facial and bikini areas where one needs to be mindful not to stretch the skin.
  • Ideal for clients with strong hair growth.
  • Mist Sugar Paste is 100% natural, vegan friendly and biodegradable.

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