Personal Make-up Lesson

Learn how to do your make-up skillfully with our 3-hour, practical, interactive workshop.

Our workshops offer more than the traditional “show-and-tell” method of teaching. You will practice time-saving day and evening make-up techniques through guided practical application in front of a mirror. Bring your own make-up or use ours and together we will show that you only need a few, correct products.

Mist Airbrush Training

Stay ahead of the industry curve and further develop and improve your skills by joining our airbrush training programme.

Become an expert airbrush make-up artist through our intense, 6-session training programme. Throughout the fun and interactive programme, you will fine-tune your skills and get the opportunity to work with cutting-edge Temptu International technology. You will also shadow a professional artist to develop a deeper understanding and insight into the industry and how to position yourself as an expert artist.

Microblading Course

For those discerning pioneers wanting to learn this sought-after skill, Mist offers an intense microblading training programme, presented by Talita.

The comprehensive course is broken down into practical, hands-on sessions to ensure that you master each step before moving on to the next.

Through her own learning experiences, Talita has found that this highly specialised technique requires patience, tenacity, top-quality products and tools. We, therefore, offer our students continuous support to establish themselves in this demanding industry.

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